What do nudists enjoy at nudist resorts

1. Nude spa. 
Almost every nudist resort has this service. It is so popular, also it is expensive.
Massage, clay baths. Female nudists love these very much

2. Play sports in naked. Nudist resorts offers table tennis, tennis, volleyball. 
Also it is the best place to practice nude yoga.

3. Relaxation; Just lying on the chair. put the tower on the chair, lie down. Enjoy the sunshine. Do not think anything, just relax.

4.Activities-  Many activities can be held. Such as Inclusive cooking and cocktail classes. At that place are as well pickup truck games of jumbo chess, checkers, darts, ping niff and syndicate to prefer from.

5. Parties. - Do not overlook the secret beaches of the Year Plan activities, the Equal Party to celebrate the house of the deceased's day, carnival, and physical structure

Heidi Klum admits she is a nudist woman, and is proud of it.

Heidi Klum admits she is pure nudist in interview, all people are feel astonished from this. She told us she raised up in a nudist family, her parents are nudists. Heidi grew up to nude beaches and  nudist resorts with her parents.

Rently years she has upload topless photos taken from nude beaches in hot beaches.
Maybe most of reasons it her body is so beautiful, and she loves her body.She told the interview" I am a European German girl and we like to go topless. Don't love the tanlines1".

She even defend or debate about her decision to go topless or being nude is ridiculous. Yeah, it is not ridiculous. We have the right to do like that.
There is nothing wrong to enjoy being nude at beaches and nudist resorts, and hang out. it is jut private decision.

We deserve a nude vacation, why not?

Why not make nudist friends to enjoy nude vacation?

UK nudist beaches

UK nudist beaches

UK Nudist beaches EXPOSED: Here’s where everyone is getting naked this summer.
Britain has more than 50 nudist beaches where naturists swim, sunbathe – and anything else that takes their fancy – as naked as the day they were born.

Here is the map shown nudist beaches across Scotland, England and Wales. It is very useful.

Look for nudist friends or nudist partners in UK? is the nudist dating community for you.

Top of Naturist Resorts in Europe

Naturism a thriving culture generously accommodated in the hospitality industry. Europe is one among the world’s prime destinations for naturist resorts, hotels and camping sites. The continent, a hub for naturism, hosts many five-star and four star naturist establishments which offer luxury, quality service and a range of holiday packages.  Here listed top of naturist resorts in Europe. Find out naturist partner or naturist friends from, and take them or hang out on naturist resorts

No.1  Vritomartis Naturist Resort, Crete, Greece

Overlooking the Cretan Sea, Vritomartis is my number one naturist resort. This is a licensed establishment under the INF (International Naturist Federation) guidelines which provides a tranquil environment for pure naturism and clothes optional guests.
Guests have the option of residing at the hotel or bungalows which are private and sufficiently spaced out. The resort boasts of a private naturist beach where from guests can indulge in naturist walks and cruises on the coast.

No.2 Vera Playa in Almeria, Spain

Here, the weather is almost always great. Besides warm temperatures, this top naturist resort in Spain has a public beach stretching close to a mile. The beach also accommodates textiles, so there are chances one might come across clothed guests. But one need not worry as there is an exclusive zone for nudists complete with streets frequented by nudists. Vera playa offers hotel accommodation and self-catering apartments numbering close to 2,000.

NO.3. Cap d’Agde, France

This is sometimes referred to as the naturism capital of the world. Cap d’Agde is a town with a village dedicated to naturism. Though it is not a resort, life here is all about naturism. Almost every activity is carried out nude, from banking to shopping, the list is endless. However, clothing is optional except for the beach, where one has to go totally nude. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there is a long beach with naturism at its best. Once one crosses the borders of Cap d’Agde, they surrender their lives to a cloth less adventure.

NO.4. Naturist Camping Istra in Istria, Croatia

Naturism is strictly adhered to in Naturist Camping Istra. Swimming, sunbathing or beach walks are done naked. This family spot is a one stop shop destination with all you need for a naturist camping holiday. There’s variety in the activities at the site. With sporting facilities such as tennis courts, sports center and sports ground, massage parlor, restaurants, shopping center and essentials such as facilities for people with disability and pets and internet connection all catered for at the camping site, there’s nothing to complain about.

NO.5. Sierra Natura Valencia, Spain

This naturist getaway in Spain is located in the Corrig Massif. Mountain camping is a thriving activity at Sierra. One is in touch with nature at this resort with bicycle rides up the mountains and camping experiences on offer. An outdoor swimming pool, sauna and whirlpool offer enough facilities for relaxation too.

NO.6. Waterways Naturist Cruise, Croatia

Imagine this. A cruise ship entirely dedicated to naturism. This must be the ride of a lifetime! And this is what eWaterways is famous for. Besides basking in the sun, this seven day cruise is a chance to mingle and get an up close of the Adriatic Sea and its surroundings.

NO.7. Solaris Naturist Resort, Croatia

With the option of staying in a hotel room or apartment, Solaris is a serene nudist resort surrounded by thick forest vegetation and lovely beaches. One bears it all at the volleyball tourneys and mini Olympics organized by the resort.

NO.8. Yurt El Portus,Spain

This establishment boasts of luxury yurts specifically for naturists. There’s outdoor dining with a spectacular view of the sea and provisions for barbeque. There’s free wifi and spa services just to make sure your stay is as comfortable as it should be.

NO.9. El Portus, Spain

For great weather, the El Portus naturist camping site is a winner. Apart from the campsite, it hosts a naturist beach, diving club, caravans, rock climbing activities, shopping and dining outlets. Diversity is celebrated at El Portus as one comes across nudists from several parts of the Europe.

NO.10. Euronat, France

The Euronat is a fun naturist camping site with all the essential amenities for convenience. A shop, bar and swimming pool keep you occupied as you chat up potential friends on this 335 hectare camping space overlooking the sea.

How to practice on nude beach

How to behave on nude beach, especial to the new nudists? Here we provide the simple rules for you.

Don't call them nudists
Don’t call them nudists. The politically correct term is 'naturist.'

Don't stare at people's private parts
Don't stare at people's private parts. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If it would be unseemly to gape at that body part when it’s fully clothed, it’s downright rude to gawk at it undressed.

Ask permission before taking photographs
Always ask permission before snapping a photo or video -- they're naturists, not zoo animals. And no one wants to worry that their jelly rolls are going to be on YouTube.

Be wary of using binoculars
The same goes for binoculars, which are only appropriate if you’re discovering new lands, looking at birds, or enjoying an opera.

Restrict nudity to the beach
Restrict nudity to the beach. When you're in the parking lot, for example, have some clothes on.

Cover chairs with a towel
Carry a towel wherever you go so you can put it down on beach loungers, bar stools, restaurant chairs, and so on.

Make everyone feel comfortable
Make everyone feel comfortable, even those who are only willing to go so far as being 'top-free," as the naturists like to call it. Naturists, after all, are all about acceptance.

Are those are useful to you. Have you benefited from above.

Find out nudist friends to hang out to enjoy being nude. is the best choice for you.

The tips at nudist resort

THE DOS AND DON'TS AT A nudist resort

Contrary to popular fantasy, nudist resorts don’t exist so you can chase hot women around the pool all day; that’s why there's a Playboy Mansion you'll never get invited to. These seemingly liberal locales often run a tight ship when it comes to proper etiquette, so before you go balls to the wall, make sure you know all the rules.

Look for nudist women like these in the photos? Why not have a try on

The Basics

While individual resorts lay out their own guidelines, there's fundamental nudist "know-how" you should have down pat. If you do nothing else during your stay, abide by these four rules -- in part so you don’t look like a total amateur, but mainly because the disappointing glares you’ll receive cut even deeper when you’re standing there completely naked. 

1. Always keep a towel on hand
In a valiant effort to maintain certain sanitation standards, you're required to sit on a towel in any common area. Phrased another way: No bare asses on the bar stools. Got it?
2. No gawking
Don’t be that creepy guy in the corner. Just don’t. Be the creepy guy lurking poolside… just kidding. FYI, nudists can tell you're still staring at them behind those mirrored aviators. You're not fooling anybody. 

3. Never photograph anyone without permission. Many nudists are camera-shy.
Probably due to the fact that most of them shouldn't be nude outside their own rooms (yes, we understand, they're proud of their bodies, and America is such a prudishly repressed society blah blah blah) but unfortunately, this means your Nashville filter won’t get any play this vacay. #keepyourselfiestoyourself 

4. Explicit sexual behavior is not permitted
At all. You were warned; this isn’t Hef’s house in the '70s. Leave coitus to the privacy of your room, and don’t change the mood in the communal hot tub.

Advanced Nudism
With the basics under your belt (which is still in your luggage 'cause you're not wearing any clothes), there are some resort-specific regs worth noting.

1.      Be careful when feeding the wildlife; animals bite
Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, FL, knows that just because you’re going au naturel, it doesn’t mean Mother Nature’s your BFF. Sure, it’s sexy when your lady gives you a little nibble, but Alvin and his chipmunks might not be so gentle. Luckily, this rule is in place to remind you those little suckers do, indeed, eat nuts. Also, beware of alligators as they can bite your wang clean off. 

2. Jewelry that attracts a lot of attention is not welcome
Probably smart advice anywhere, but several nudist properties, including Cypress Cove, Caliente Club & Resorts, and Berkshire Vista Resort in Hancock, MA (happy coincidence or brilliant marketing strategy?), do not invite Prince Albert to the party (either in a can or otherwise), and frown upon large jewelry, displayed on genitalia or elsewhere.

3. You must return to your room by 9p sharp each night
No wait, that's one of Hef's new rules for the bunnies back at the Mansion. He’s gotten strict, but dude's snoozy after his early bird dinner!

Top nudist hotels

Nudist hotels are more important than before now. There are more and more rules to forbid public nude. 
Nudists have to enjoy being nude at home , nudist hotels, nudist beaches and nudist nudist resorts.

This maybe a good chance or opportunity to nudist hotels business.

Nudist hotels allow their guests to disrobe either fully or to a certain extent within the parameters of their resort grounds, which means that the people around you won’t mind (hopefully not in a creepy way) that you are going commando for a few days. You may have to look at a few unsightly things for a few days, but bearing it all, even among strangers, could be quite a freeing experience. Still not sold on the idea of a nudist hotel

Here are we list the top nudist hotels in the world. Please check below.

Take your nudist friends to have a nice nudist holiday.

                                                  The natural


It is located in one of the most beautiful natural areas of Curacao. No mass tourism and hardly any traffic; you only hear the twittering of birds and the rustle of the wind. The Natural has apartments and new, luxury holiday bungalows with a beautiful, unobstructed view. Several beaches and the most beautiful dive and snorkel spots are within a stone’s throw away.The Natural is situated on a closed area of 1 hectare with its own parking within the gate.


                                                                   Sfakia, Crete

Vritomartis is a very special naturist resort and like no other you will experience. It takes its name from an ancient Minoan Goddess who was much-revered and worshipped in the area of Crete where Vritomartis is situated. And 'special' is a word that applies to so many aspects of this family-owned Naturist hotel

                                              Ventana Inn
                                                Big Sur, Califonia

Ventana Inn & Spa is located on the Central Coast in Big Sur. Non-local guests are advised to fly into the airport at Monterey, and drive to Ventana Inn & Spa. The trip lasts roughly one hour.

Desire Resort and Spa

Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Desire Resorts, situated seductively in the Riviera Maya, are paradise-like destinations in Mexico for couples and adults only (+21). Featuring the most secluded ambiances, they entice you to enjoy vacation experiences of a lifetime that will totally renew your passion for each other.  The radiant, clothing-optional atmosphere, Desire Resorts promote a feeling of total liberation while allowing you to enjoy a deluxe all inclusive vacation, that comprises adult oriented entertainment, sensual theme nights, provocative shows and more

Hedonism II
Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism is a world-famous adult-only 4 star resort located on the beach in Negril. The hotel is aimed at the more open-minded guest and impetus is very much on trying new experiences and indulging in pleasure for the body and mind. The hotel has 280 rooms, beach access, a spa, three restaurants, five pools and five bars


Club Orient 

                                                                 St. Maarten, French West Indies.
Club Orient is the only nudist beach resort on the friendly island of St. Martin in the French West Indies (F.W.I.).  We are located in Orient Bay, one of the finest beaches in the world, with white sand and crystal clear blue waters.Club Orient nude beach resort offers various water sports, spa services, beach massage, and sports activities.

                                                        BoBRENE on Tamborine 
                                                           Queensland, Australia

has been listed as one of the World’s Best Nudist Destinations by both Travelers Digest (Top 10) and Total Travel.

                                                             Chan Resort

Chan Resort is a private naturist resort, that caters to naturists both local and international. We prefer you are a member 
of a national or international recognized naturist/nudist organization the first resort owners in Thailand to provide a special place for naturist/nudist in Thailand and for visiting naturist tourists. We were the first clothing optional resort in Thailand.

Take your nudist friends and nudist partners to have a nice nudist vacation.